Gluck HR Development – DHO.

It the process to promote personal and professional development that leads to improved performance and changing attitudes to the achievement of goals and a new phase of life.

Assessement, Assisted Support Program (PDA), for new businesses or Distribution Center, Outsourcing – R&S.

target Career Coaching: For professionals seeking replacement or for professionals who want to improve performance to achieve a higher professional position. Assisted Support Program: PDA -Psychological and technical support to mitigate the impact of the layoff process, providing favorable conditions for career transition Coaching de Liderança- Executive For Leaders, Managers and Entrepreneurs who want Managers who, enhance and improve the managerial skills developing high performance teams and expansion. Business Coaching: Companies seeking to improve on their core business wanting to change, structuring, innovate or develop in any segment is on reducing costs, increasing profitability etc. Adaptive Coaching: For newly hired professionals. Aims to contribute to a rapid and effective adaptation to the new trader can understand the company culture, job responsibilities and expected by the company for their deliveries and work results are adequate since the beginning of his performance behaviors.

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