Gluck’s Organizational Human Development services aim to identify high potential individuals inside the company, prepare them and clear their path for development.

We believe we can only get the best results through people, and in order to achieve it we need to have the best people on the right seats to deliver individual and collective goals.

Some of the products offered at HR Development – DHO:

  • Retention Plan
  • Succession plan
  • Employer Branding
  • Strengthening Business with People
  • Internal Transformation Agent
  • Customer loyalty and satisfaction
  • Motivational Projects


Retention Plan

Objective: Get the best commitment level and efficiency in the company; Identify and prepare successors within each and every type of company.

Who they are: Professionals with good skills according to the company needs

How: Working with an action plan, goals, accomplishment, promotions with the highest level of performance, according to each area.


Employer Branding

Communication strategy and institutional marketing, with the interest in working for the company and those who already work to be proud to work for that company.

Employer Branding can be an important talent capture tool. The label “employer brand” is associated with the reputation of companies, and in this sense, involves several sectors of an organization.


Strengthen ‘Business’ with people

  • Communication
  • Environment
  • Values
  • Transparency


Internal Transformation Agent

  • Establish metrics and highlights
  • Take a proactive role towards change
  • Emotional intelligence


Customer Loyalty and Satisfaction

  • Offer an exclusive consumer experience
  • Quality customer service
  • Anticipate the needs
  • Empathy and personalization during the sale
  • Clear and objective communication
  • Transparency and flexibility during negotiation
  • Loyalty programs with exclusive benefits and offers
  • Well-trained team focused on customer satisfaction
  • Creating a sense of community and belonging
  • To be prepared to have negative customer feedback and/or feedback


Motivational Projects

  • Be present and show support
  • Show everyone’s role in the strategic plan
  • Integrate different teams • Value team ideas and initiatives
  • Offer benefits in the form of partnership
  • Clear goals
  • Lead by example
  • Recognition Plan
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